Aevilia is a RPG I'm writing in C. All code was written by me, except the SDL, the graphics library I'm using to, well, draw things on your screen !
The plot isn't quite defined at the moment, I have some ideas but I am bad at creating scenarios, so that's something I would like to do with someone else.
Below you can find some info about the game, the release history... well, whatever I believe you could be looking for !

Game info

This game's events will happen in a futuristical background. I'm saying this, but right now the plot, scenario and graphics are quasi-void. So, yeah.
I'm developing this alone as of right now, and I am looking for help with the scenario and graphics, first. 'Cause I'm bad at 'em.


See the controls page.

Release history

You might want to see the Release History index.