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This ought to become my "personal" website... once I write some moar text.
Also, since I'm rolling vanilla, I have to write all the code by myself !
Will update, yet irregularly.

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My projects


A RPG built in C, fully written by me (save for the SDL2).
Early in development, but features a currently solid game engine !

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8F Helper

A command-line utility created by KernelEquinox that compiles gbz80 assembly and outputs it in different formats.
Built for Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal.

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GBZ80 to Items

A JavaScript utility that converts gbz80 assembly into items for use with 8F / ws m. More here !
Kindly hosted by the PRAMA Initiative.


Pokémon exploits

I just love glitching Pokémon games. I do a bunch of stuff about them, and everything is grouped in this section.


Miscellaneous !

Welcome to The Entropy Corner ! This is where I put things... that I can't / don't even try to fit in any other box.

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